Innova Integrated Solutions was here a couple days ago to add additional cameras to our security system. We already used the cameras to locate a couple cats that got into the back shop when a visitor inadvertently left a door open. And now we have a camera on the round pen so soon as we can get it set up, Ty's clients will be able to watch him work with their horses! Pretty cool, eh? Thank you Innova for the great customer service and putting together a system that meets the unique needs of an animal sanctuary. We have to admit, it is fun to spy on the animals.

ARRR Rescue and Retirement Ranch Inc., 501-c3 Non Profit Avatar
ARRR Rescue and Retirement Ranch Inc., 501-c3 Non Profit

Fantastic company with an amazing staff. What a great company to do business with.

Stephen Edwards Avatar
Stephen Edwards

I Love my New Phones The guys you had that came, installed this, figured it all out and did the work were wonderful!! They were so very nice, helpful, and kind. Please thank them again for me!”

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