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Empower Your Workplace with Mobility Solutions

Businesses should no longer be wondering if they should be adopting a mobility strategy, and should be focusing on when they should add a mobility strategy. With Innova’s Mobility Solutions, empower your workforce and increase efficiency! With products such as SpeedFusion technology and fail-over technology, businesses can avoid productivity-killing problems often caused by WAN being down, high packet loss, and slow connections.

Innova Mobility Solutions will ensure that your workplace is operating more effectively, and can engage with customers like never before. Innova’s variety of services & available products include:

  • SpeedFusion Technologies such as Hot Failover, WAN Smoothing, and Bandwidth Bonding

  • Unbreakable VPN technology for multisite connections

  • All-in-one cloud computing solutions

  • Secure, high-performance modules, routers and gateways, to connect your assets and workforces to the cloud

  • Continued technology support from I.T. experts at Innova Integrated Solutions

Strengthen Your Connections with SpeedFusion Technologies

Innova Integrated Solutions offers SpeedFusion Technology for businesses across the region. With SpeedFusion, businesses benefit from tapping into the bandwidth of up to 13 low-cost cables, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links connected on their corporate or institutional WAN. With SpeedFusion, your employees will avoid productivity-killing problems often caused by downed WAN, high packet loss, and slow connections. With Innova’s Mobility Solutions & SpeedFusion Technology, businesses will benefit from:

  • SpeedFusion Bonding Technology – With the SpeedFusion Bonding Technology, whether your employees are transferring documents or using VoIP conversations, SpeedFusion will pump all data down a single data pipe that is budget-friendly, ultra-fast, and easily configurable to suit your networking environment.

  • SpeedFusion Hot Failover Technology – Will keep you up and running when a connection drops. If a WAN link fails, the SpeedFusion Hot Failover will instantly route traffic to a working tunnel for uninterrupted VoIP sessions.

  • SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing – Avoid packet loss and lags during important calls with SpeedFusion Wan Smoothing technology. With WAN smoothing, the Peplink device will build and deliver special packets, and reconstruct the lost packets to ensure that communications remains consistent. WAN Smoothing will also attempt to assign traffic to the WAN connection with the lowest latency.

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Hot Failover

In the event of a WAN disconnection, Hot failover will transfer your traffic to another connection while maintaining session persistence. That is, if a WAN connection breaks during a videoconference, the videoconference can still continue without having to hang up or call again.

WAN Smoothing

WAN Smoothing utilizes intelligent algorithms to fill in connectivity gaps, trading bandwidth for greater connection resiliency. WAN Smoothing minimizes latency and reduces the impact of packet loss. This is useful for times when you need connection reliability and responsiveness more than speed.

Bandwidth Bonding

Bandwidth bonding combines data at the packet level, enabling you to combine the speed of up to 13 connections. This is useful for situations where bandwidth is scarce, such as at a remote site, or in a moving vehicle. This technology also enables branch offices to connect to the head office at greater connection speeds.

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