HIPAA Compliance

Stethoscope on chart

HIPAA compliance is not something to brush aside.

If a healthcare practice is not HIPAA compliant, itʼs reputation becomes instantly tarnished, and costly legislative action can be taken against the practice. That is why it is so important to have an I.T. team that understands what it takes to ensure your healthcare practice is HIPAA compliant. Fortunately, HIPAA is something that Innova Integrated Solutions has extensive knowledge in!

How can Innova ensure your healthcare practice is compliant? It first starts with an audit.

  • HIPAA Site Interview – we will look at the type of entity, locations of ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information), and gather the information we need to perform vulnerability scans, determine your critical assets, and review the facility access controls and identify any spots that need more security.

  • Onsite Survey – we will physically walk through your facility and inspect the safeguards that are present to protect health information

  • Data Collection – we will then take a look at your network. This includes users, password management, servers and computers, applications, firewall, email, and much more.

  • Secondary Data Collection – We will inspect if your healthcare practice has supplementary scans on items missed by network scanning

For us to ensure your healthcare practice becomes compliant, we must perform an audit first to see what needs to be done, and we build this into our Managed Compliance Reporting.

How do you benefit from Managed Compliance Reporting and Managed I.T. Services?

  • Our dedicated team will ensure your reports are prepared the way auditors want to see them.

  • What would happen if you suffered a data breach and patient records were released? We will ensure you meet regulatory compliance requirements and do everything the government suggests to take the pressure off.

  • We use the industryʼs best software to help us create your reports.

  • We help you address any issues quickly by running HIPAA compliance reports monthly.

  • Failure to be compliant can lead to costly fines. Our team helps identify and eliminate any risks to avoid any violations that will cost your practice money!

With Innova Integrated Solutions, your healthcare practice will never have to worry about an audit ever again. With our knowledge of HIPAA combined with our cybersecurity technology, youʼll pass your audit with flying colors. Contact us at Innova Integrated Solutions to get started today.