HALO Smart Sensor

There is an estimate of 5.3 million teens & middle school students who are vaping. In 2019 alone, more than 20 deaths and over 1,200 lung injuries were caused by vaping-related illnesses! Schools & other facilities can deter this behavior by installing security sensors for privacy concern areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms with the HALO sensor.

HALO is a smart sensor that detects environmental changes, air quality changes, and abnormal noise levels. This smart sensor is able to detect vaping, smoking, chemicals, and can also detect loud noises that can indicate bullying & fighting. When the HALO smart sensor detects something, security personnel will be instantly notified via text SMS and email.

With HALO, your security staff can now monitor areas where cameras are not allowed, helping you create a safer & cleaner environment.

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HALO Smart Sensor - Vape Detection & More