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Reliable telephone systems for your business

Innova offers some of the best phone systems in the industry. With their ease of use and their feature rich offerings, you will not be disappointed. Please call us today for a quote! Let us show you what communication is!

Our philosophy at Innova has always been and will continue to be “Communication, Communication, Communication.”

We have always strived to provide systems and services to allow you, as a customer, the best communication to both your internal business colleagues and clients in the outside world. Our state of the art phone systems provide your business with the very latest and greatest features available in the market today! Some of those features include simple call holding, call transferring, voicemail, voicemail to email, small scale auto-attendants to full blown multi-department auto-attendants and mobile collaboration tools. We feel that both quality and price are important to any business and we do not believe that it has to cost you an arm and a leg or the going BOOM pricing, if you will. Our pricing is always discussed with you upfront by providing you with a free consultation. We take your wants and needs and fit them into a price that is affordable that will bring you the return you’ve been looking for.

Maybe you have been struggling with your current phone system and service provider and it just seems that some days it works and others it just plain won’t let you call out. All that time that is spent calling on service calls adds up-as well as the cost of the actual service call. We know this….We have run the numbers…It’s not good. That’s why at Innova, we don’t just value your business but we value the future of your business. Without you, there is no ‘us’. Let’s do this together. Let’s keep moving forward and towards a successful future! Give us a call so we can provide you the service you deserve and the products you’ve been looking for and let us earn your respect! Please take a look at our product offerings below!

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AVAYA Phone Systems:

Desktop Phones, Mobile Collaboration Tools, Conferencing

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ESI Phone Systems:

Desktop Phones, Mobile Collaboration Tools

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Plantronics Headsets (Wired & Bluetooth) Side Cars (Extension Expansion Modules) Paging Systems: Overhead, in-ceiling speakers. Wall mounted paging horns.

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WeBoost (Wilson Electronics) Wireless Cell Boosters