Business Continuity

Women working on laptops at conference table

Technology Protection Against Catastrophic Events

If for any reason, youʼre I.T. systems are down for days (fire, flood, human error, etc.) – your business is in trouble! Some services of your business have to be delivered continuously without interruption. Fortunately, Innova Integrated Solutions can help you develop a business continuity plan that will help you in the event of a disaster. With Innova Integrated Solutions, our business continuity plan includes:

  • Data backups & a disaster recovery plan

  • Co-location & relocation

  • Business impact analysis

  • Identify services that have to be delivered without interruption, and a plan to achieve this goal.

  • Readiness to implement the continuity plan

  • Testing & training to ensure your continuity plan will be successful if ever needed

Every business needs to have a business continuity plan, even if it may never be used. When your continuity plan is in the hands of I.T. experts at Innova Integrated Solutions, you will have peace of mind knowing your business will be taken care of in the event of a disaster. Contact us today to get started!