What is “Managed Services”?

We take what you know about technology and build on it with Managed Services. No matter the tech issue, our technicians are ready to fix it. Whether you just need to have an error resolved or need to defend your business from an attack, our team of professional technicians is available around the clock 24/7. Managed Services makes sure your technological infrastructure stays functioning and reliable.

But What Does it Actually Do?

Prevent hackers, online criminals, malware and viruses, and malicious employees from attacking your network.

Ensure that your business functions better, faster, and more reliably by creating a more cost-effective business model and eliminating existing obstacles.

Improve the lifespan of your network and data by protecting it from hardware malfunctions, power outages, or other unpredictable internal problems.

Do I Really Need Managed Services?

Absolutely! In this day and age, managed services is a necessity. Without the protection that managed services provides for your network, you’ll be exposed to I.T. problems, data loss, and a plethora of other technological issues. Consumers nowadays have no patience for businesses that do not invest in their technology. By the time you resolve your technological problem, your business will be lucky to still be standing.


How Do Businesses Benefit From Managed Services?

Law offices can protect their client’s data and keep their network safe and secure so that nothing stops them from doing their job.

Oil and Gas Operators can rest easy knowing that their smart technology is functioning and protected every step of the production process.

Restaurant owners can keep their customers happy without the looming threat of a technological error affecting their entire system.

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Other Questions You Might Have.

Of course we are local! We are in both Williston, ND and Minot, ND and have trained and certified staff at each location.
We have strategically placed hubs throughout the region to be able to support you-wherever you are!

We have consultants in Minot and Williston along with several technicians at each location to cover even the most demanding projects!

Innova Integrated Solutions (formally TeleMasters Business Systems) has been doing business in Williston, ND for several years. We have officially expanded to Minot, ND and have been there for about a year now, but have been testing the market for the past couple of years.
Our parent company, Triangle Electric, Inc. has been one of the major oil field and commercial electrical contractors in the region since it’s inception in 1946. That is seven decades worth of experience. Whoa!
As a proud division of Triangle Electric, Inc. Innova has dedicated it’s future to applying the same business principles and values to both their employees and customers. Earning their trust and respect every step of the way!
Yes. Innova Integrated Solutions is a Proud Division of Triangle Electric, Inc. which is locally owned and operated in Williston, ND and has been in business for the last 70 years.
Additionally, Over the last couple of years, Innova has acquired a couple of tech companies. One of those was Nexus Security Solutions, out of Williston, ND, known locally for their security expertise. The other, a more relatively recent acquisition was BitzPC out of Minot, ND. They have been in the IT, Computer and iPhone sales and service business for almost 18 years. They continue to provide services locally and regionally to our loyal customers!
Our main office is located at:
Innova Integrated Solutions Williston
105 26th St E Suite 100
Williston, ND 58801
701-572-6783 Ext: 2200

Innova Integrated Solutions Minot
1800 22nd Ave SW
Minot, ND 58701

We are actually working out the details on the perfect spot right now for our Minot, ND Office and hope to have that finalized very soon… keep an eye out 😉

We have an excellent team who’s experience accumulates to roughly 90yrs experience in Security, Communications and I.T. Professional Services!
The projects we have had the opportunity to be a part of will give you an idea of the experience we have. The positive comments we’ve received from these customers, both owners and contractors alike, have provided the feedback that has allowed to continue to grow and look towards the future as one of top leading low voltage contractors in the region.
Our home markets are Western and Central ND and even some of Eastern MT. We are not limited by distance by any means and can provide our services anywhere in ND or the region if needed.
What we will typically do is ask you a few questions about the system (who is the manufacturer, model…etc..), then, if we have access to the product, we will send a tech out to check it out! Because it was not initially installed by Innova Integrated Solutions, we would be unable to warranty the product unless the manufacturer of the product has expressly notified you and you are able to provide proof of such available warranty for both labor and materials. If you are unable to provide such documentation, we will invoice you on a time and materials basis. We will always do our best to keep your best interest in mind! Contact us today for our service pricing!
Of Course! We understand that there are quite a few companies out there, especially during our BOOM times that show up out of the deepest darkest places on earth to make a quick buck or lock you into a contract that seems to have no end in sight, especially when they are unable to provide the service you were promised when you signed the dotted line. Now, they are gone! Where’d they go? Who knows! We are here for you. We are here to stay. We truly believe in outstanding customer service. It’s not just about a sale, it’s about a relationship. Please contact us today to get a quote on our monitoring services!
Our Sales team is at the ready for your request! Please contact our local office in Williston, ND at 701-572-6783 Extension 2202 or Minot, ND office at 701-837-0131 or email our team at [email protected]! We’d love to do business with you!
Absolutely!! In fact we have specialized individuals who are ready to answer and provide you with quality solutions to your problems, needs and wants today! Call us at 701-572-6783 Ext 2200 or Email us at [email protected] to set up an appointment with one of our I.T. professionals! We promise we aren’t ones to drop any packets…. ha…. ha…. ha. Do you get it?
Of course! We will need to set up an appointment to do a site survey to find out what system you have in place and what we can do to supplement it or possibly troubleshoot issues you might be having.