Innova Integrated Solutions can work with you to make sure your business and assets are protected with a trusted surveillance system. Innovaʼs goal is to assure the safety of your workplace and find the perfect security solution that fits your businessʼs needs. While we use the best and most trusted equipment on the market, there are a few things your business can be doing to help take your security a step further.

1. Maintain Landscaping

Maintained landscaping can reduce the likelihood of an attack because less foliage means less hiding places for an intruder. Also, ensure that any landscaping is not blocking the view of any of your security cameras.

2. Position Lighting Strategically

Ensuring your businessʼs perimeter is properly illuminated reduces potential criminal hiding places. Some of the best places to install lighting are above entrances and exits, along main walkways, parking lots, and near common operational areas such as service docks and dumpsters.

3. Window Stops

Window stops are made out of wood or metal strips and are mounted on the side of the window pane and above the bottom half of the window pane. When they are activated, the prevent the window from being opened past a certain height.

4. Warning Signs

Place signs around the perimeter of your business showing that you have a security system installed. The presence of an alarm system can potentially be enough to ward off an attack.

5. Conceal Valuables

In the event that an intruder does make it inside of your business, you should ensure that valuables are hidden. Invest in locks on drawers and offices to protect customer information, employee records, cash, and other assets.

6. Implementing A Security Policy

Implementing a security policy and taking the time to train employees on the policy will go a long way. Effective business policies tend to cover the following:

• Cybersecurity: Require employees to install anti-virus software, and train employees to spot threats like fraudulent emails and malicious apps.

• Visiting procedures: Restrict access to your business with access control solutions, which is another aspect that Innova can help install in your business.

• Password practices: Whether its access to certain areas or networks, ensure employees are following set practices.


While these six examples can help with providing a stronger security defense for your business, it is in no way a proper replacement for a surveillance and security system. Your business is important to you, and it deserves the best protection possible. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about Innova Integrated Solutions and what we can do to secure your workplace.