If your business does not have a surveillance system installed, it is at risk for theft, vandalism, and much more. Protecting your business is something that should never be taken lightly. By installing a surveillance system youʼre are able to better protect your business, assets, and even employees and customers. Here are our top 5 reasons to install a surveillance system in your business.

1. Deter Theft

You can reduce theft from inside and out. Theft remains a major issue for business and companies of all kinds. There could be as many as 275 millions of incidents of theft in retail businesses globally each year! Simply having a surveillance system installed can deter any thieves from committing a crime in your business.

2. Protect Sensitive Areas

If your business has high-value products on the property, you should make it a priority to have surveillance cameras in that area. It enables you to protect your expensive collateral and also helps your business know who is frequenting that area.

3. Improve Customer Service

This is very important in any retail and restaurant businesses! The service industry relies on providing great customer service, and having a system installed helps monitor the service being provided by employees. The videos collected can also be used as a learning tool to improve customer service in your business.

4. Protecting Employees and Your Business From Court

One of the most important reasons and the worst fear of any business is the legal system. Whether there is an accident, harassment, or any other legal issues that happen on site, video evidence can help solidify what had actually occurred and improve the companyʼs legal grounding for the best results.

5. Ensuring Policies Are Followed

Connecting back to customer service, having a surveillance system installed can ensure that employees are following company policies, which is extremely important when it comes to safety policies. By having a surveillance system installed, your companies policies will be enforced and employees are more likely to follow them.


Your business, assets, employees, and customers deserve to be protected. Innova Integrated Solutions provides some of the best and most trusted surveillance equipment, and we also work with every business to create a customized surveillance system that fits your needs. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more.